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Don’t settle for the typical home wax removal kit that doesn’t get the job done, is hard to use, and leaves skin irritated & inflamed for days.

The Tress Wellness Hair Removal Digital Pro Wax Warmer Kit provides you with every wax tool you need for the most effective wax possible – without having to go to an expensive pro waxer.

Our hair wax kit includes:

-Digital wax melt warmer (86°F-257°F)

-Removable aluminum waxing pot

-5 packs of premium hard wax beans (3.5 oz each) in 5 scents – lavender, peppermint, lemon, tea tree & eucalyptus

-5 pairs gloves

-10 Pre-wax wipes to prep skin and remove oils & bacteria

-10 Post-wax wipes to soothe skin & remove residue

-20 large wax applicators spatulas

-10 small wax applicator sticks for facial area

-5 paper spa wax collars

-Detailed manual & step-by-step instructions with custom tips

Our FDA-approved wax beads arespecially formulated to minimize inflammation & irritation, with natural ingredients that are safe to wax hair on all skin types. Perfect for your waxed bikini line, arms, face, eyebrows, leg wax & body wax!

While a low quality wax set can be unreliable, producing wax that’s either burning hot or too cold, our electric plug in hair remover shows you the exact temperature of our professional waxing beads & features color light indicators, so you know exactly when your wax is ready. Our hair wax melts at a low temperature, so it doesn’t need to be painfully hot to get the job done.

At Tress Wellness, our goal is to empower customers to achieve smooth, flawless skin. Our professional home waxing kit for women & men is made to be the best quality home hard wax kit. If you aren’t satisfied with your wax remover & wax beans kit, please contact us directly.

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