Sit Up AB Bench Incline Decline – FEIERDUN Adjustable Workout Sit-up Bench,Slant Crunch Board Abdominal Benches

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Ting movement leaned back

Use proper posture and supine boards crunches board
1.First, to put away supine boards, check the screws fixed (particularly versatile folding), made in the supine board feet hooked foam cotton, leg with the ground 90 degrees, the body feels comfortable (not feeling self adjustment), then the body lying on back, head and do not need to sit against the plate.

2.The hands relaxed, slightly to his ear, hands crossed on the first practitioners can reduce the difficulty attached to the abdomen, it can make use of the booster or assistant ropes. Exercise should make the abdomen to force, but we usually do not, in the process of ups often by means of hand force will head up, this is wrong, it is likely to cause neck muscle strain.

3.Do sit-ups, people want to lie down, relax, center of gravity down, hands on the ear, slowly up and tighten the abdominal muscles should pause to crunches, then the body slowly fell back into place, speed not too fast, when you practice for some time, I feel that it is very easy, you can increase the difficulty for himself. You can barbell (weight set their own) on the chest, feel relaxed after a period of exercise, you can put the barbell on the back of the head with both hands and hold on.

4.To do exercise your waist support, often practicing sit-ups board, not only can make you have a beautiful waistline, and more physical and mental health, but in practice the fulcrum when the foot becomes less, so you have to be a more more abdominal strength, if you want to quickly reach the United States waist effect, this action is to practice every day, give yourself a fitness program, each fixed time to rest, with a stopwatch, but remember to be gradual, not quick success, eat hot tofu.
✔️SPECIFICATION:Weight Capacity;220 lbs;Bench Weight:114 lbs;Adjustable Height:17.2″-24.8″(4 levels adjustable)
✔️SPACE SAVING DESIGN:Compact folding design allows for easy storage
✔️COMFORTABLE & SAFE DESIGN:Features a cushioned flat inclined design that perfectly supports your spine and the hollow part of your back,sit-ups more comfortable,safe and effective by reducing the risk of straining.
✔️ USING SUGGESTIONS:Perfect use the decline ab bench for abs,stretching,leg workouts,twists,back sit-ups and pushups.The ideal equipment for upper body and abdominal workouts
✔️ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:30-Days money back guarantee and 2-Year warranty apply to all decline bench.Package including:1 x sit up board (need assembled),1 x instruction with lifetime warranty.

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